Roof leaks are never a good thing and they can prove to be both dangerous to your dwelling and expensive. On average, the cost to repair one with a licensed Miami roofer ranges anywhere from $350 to sometimes $2,500.

So it is better forĀ  homeowners to understand roof leaks and find ways to repair it on their own. The following is a list of three of the more common roof leaks that one may typically encounter and potential home remedies for how to alleviate the issue.

1) Broken Shingles
One of the more common causes, broken shingles are also the easiest to spot because shingles serve as the exterior layer of a roof. If your roof has a broken shingle or missing shingles, then there are different-colored patches along the roof. This is where water drains in down into the roof.

The solution is a matter of installing new shingles as replacements. Slide a pry bar under the shingles and lift up, pulling out the nails. Once the shingle is removed, replace it and then make sure to nail it down afterwards.

2) Cracked Flashing
The flashing are the thin metal strips underneath the shingles and on roof joints. They are supposed to create a barrier against water, but large cracks within them can lead to roof leaks from wind and rain.

One needs to pry up the nails to reach the cracked portion of the flashing. Then, replace the flashing with a new set but they must be placed in the same pattern as the old one. Then nail it down and apply some resistant coating to the nails.

3) Clogged Gutters
This may not sound much, but a clogged gutter causes back-up when it comes to water drainage. Blockage of leaves within the gutters causes rain to stop along the roof instead of traveling down the gutters. This can lead to condensation in a certain part of the roof, leading to water traveling down cracks and creating leaks.

The simple, but dirty, solution is to clean out the gutters. Go up the ladder and use hands or scoops to clean out the mess that is blocking the gutters.

These are some of the more common things you may run into, however more severe issues are best left to a profressional Miami Roofing contractor.